What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant or VA is generally a self-employed person who offers online administrative support services. Virtual assistant services can vary from person to person because each VA has a unique set of skills they bring to the table. So when you are looking for a VA you should determine the set of tasks in which you will need assistance. Depending on the scale of your business that may mean hiring several virtual assistants who are experts in their niche.


What is your Niche?


I bet you want to know what niche my virtual assistant services are offered.  Well, I work with entrepreneurs who are up-leveling their businesses and finally need someone who will save them time so they can do the things that light them up.  I am the person who does all the back-end web development for them.  I help them implement all the automated systems they need to create a smooth money-making machine.  I also track all the systems so that they will not need to remember everything.  I organize all the information in an easy-to-find system.  I also do graphical design and help with the transition as they grow and tweak their brand with the growth of their company.  If you really want to know what that is all about you should click Skills.


Who do you work with?


I work with a variety of different clients.  Some of my clients are Real Estate Professionals, Property Managers, Real Estate Appraisers, Media Companies, Business Directory Owners, Web Design Firms and so much more.


How would you help me?


Well, I always begin with an assessment call where we look at your current website and we discuss your business and your goals.  Then we discuss what problems you have with your website.  Then I give you a FREE audit of what I see that can be updated and improved based on my expertise.  If we feel like we connect and then I have you send me a laundry list of things you would like fixed and if you agree to the changes I suggest I will send you a quote for the work.  Once that quote is approved I will make the changes you requested.

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