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The Magic of Time

Time, there never seems to be enough of it.  We all find ourselves saying that.  Somehow more often than not time just seems to get away from us.  It does not always need to be that way.

1.  Rome was not built in one day.

In a society of the information super highway, we have grown used to the ability of getting the information we need immediately when we want it.  Because of that we expect to start new things and see immediate results.  So many people start new things and quit before they even really gave it a chance because they are not seeing results right away.  Discouraged they do not think they will ever change or see the result they want.

The truth is no lasting change will happen overnight.  Lasting change happens gradually over time.  It starts out with that one small change you make today and compounds over time to create a massive and extraordinary result.

A prime example of the Magic of Time is the Grand Canyon.  The Grand Canyon is the result of a small stream of water slowly but surely eating little bits and pieces of the rocks and dirt from the earth.  The result is an astoundingly breathtaking natural  canyon that is famous across the globe.

2. Break it down…

You have huge goals and they may seem almost impossible.  Stop looking at the big picture.  Break the huge goal into small bite-sized easily achievable goals.  Here is what you need to do.

  • Write down your Ultimate Goal.
  • Write down your Checkpoints or Medium Goals that will lead you to your Ultimate Goal.
  • Then write down the action items that will lead you to make your medium goals.
  • After some time you will be amazed how much you have accomplished.

When you have small checkpoints to shoot for and when you make them it will make the larger goal all the more attainable.  You will also feel incredibly amazing when you crush those goals like they are nothing!


3.  How do I find more time?

As we discussed before time is precious but magical and it always seems to be slipping away.  Here are a few quick and easy things you can do to give you more time for the things you want to do.

  • Get up earlier- it could be as simple as 30 extra minutes but you will be amazed how much more you get done.
  • Schedule everything –  If it is not on your calendar then you do not do it.  But be flexible.  Sometimes you have to make adjustments.
  • Make time for you – No one can give from an empty well.  Make sure to schedule time for you to feed your soul.
  • Go to bed earlier – Listen to your body and do what it is telling you.  Yes sometimes this is not possible, but how many times have you stayed up later just cause you wanted me time.  If you are scheduling me time, then you should be able to go to bed earlier too.
  • Be authentic – What?  What does that have to do with time sucking?  Well, if you are being your most authentic self, time will move exactly the way it should and you will be a happier you.


Self Improvement and Growth

They say never stop learning.

In my own life I find this is a very true statement. Growth is very important in our lives because if we do not grow we become stagnant. The funny part of being stagnant? It smells! Have you ever been around stagnant water that has no outlet or no fresh supply to it? It has a really stank to it. Just like that if you are stagnant you also smell. Maybe not physically but emotionally and mentally you do.

You should know what that is like. You feel unfulfilled, unhappy in your job, your life, and your relationships. How do you fix being stagnant? First of all stop wallowing in whatever self-pity party you are living in. Its getting you no where fast. Next sit down and think. Think about what you really want in your life. Picture it in your mind really form exactly what you want. Next write down 10 goals or action items you think will take you to what you truly want for yourself.

Next take those 10 goals and rank them 1 to 10 with 1 being the most important goal at this time and 10 being the least important. Next write down three actions that you can do in the next week that will help you toward your 10 goals.

Now you should do those action items and start crossing off some of those goals. Create three more action items when you are done with the first three. Keep in mind your action items need to be attainable smaller goals that work toward the larger goals. You may not actually cross off all the 10 goals right away. They might pass over to the next week.

Each week make a new list of 10 goals. And rank them according to what is most important. Then create your action items to reach those goals. From week to week you will find that sometimes goals stick around with you until you make them and some will fall away as you discover your real priorities.

Along with making goals and attaining them you should start a path to learning. Pick up books and sign up for newsletters and webinars from people who are working or have worked on a similar path that you are following.

Start surrounding yourself with positivity. What you put into the world is what you will get out. So if you are putting out negativity then it will return to you 10 fold. However, when you put out positivity it returns 10 fold. So make new friends that are positive and will build you up. Find inspirational quotes twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages.

Start reading self improvement books and books that will help you make your goals. Apply the principals you learn to your life. Listen to friend and family when they tell you things. Listen to your heart and your gut.

Follow your dreams.

Here is a book that helped me: Change Your Mind and Your Life Will Follow

Self Image and Body Shaming



We live in a world where essentially the ideal woman very often is the fit, perfect hair and perfect teeth with flawless skin.

I am none of these things.  I suffer much like anyone else from self-image issues.  I have probably the worst teeth and my skin is just so sensitive so its never perfect.  My hair sometimes looks awesome though.

I realize that I am not the ideal woman that people picture but I do know that I am amazing in other ways.  I have a lot to offer and I am trying to make the world a better place a little bit at a time.

Maybe you have noticed that most of the time I do not smile for pictures so that my teeth show.  Well frankly, I do not want to show off my missing tooth or the fact that most of my teeth look god awful.    Because of my mental health problems and my high blood pressure I have had to take some rather caustic medications that has essentially killed off all the enamel on all my teeth.  Which means that they are constantly getting cavities no matter how clean I keep them and they are constantly breaking.  Ideally I would just have to get dentures or something.  But that requires money I just do not have.

I am starting to get more people following me on Instagram and my other social media, because I am posting interesting things that are mutually enjoyable for me and them.  I do not mind that at all.  However, I do mind being reminded that I have horrible teeth and that I am not the most beautiful woman in the world.  I try to let stuff like this go, but unfortunately I am a human being and I do have feelings too.

Then I read today, that in London, there is this group of terrible human beings handing out cards that are basically fat shaming people who they feel are not up to their view of perfection.  This just hit home what I am feeling right now.  Why are we so shallow that we can not accept people for who they are fat or skinny?  Why do I have to be perfect in order to gain acceptance?  Why can’t people keep their terrible comments to themselves?  I suppose its karma coming back to me when I have not so perfect thoughts of other people.  But dang why can’t we have nice things?

I will bounce back.  I always do.  Life never gets me down long.  After all I am Awesome Beth!

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