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Quote Date December 18, 2019
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Total $13.20
Janika Byington

The software of this type is very complex. It will take approximately 2-3 months for one application, due to it being just me programming the software. It will be completed in phases.

Phase 1 Project Schedule will be developed with deliverables for progress reports
Phase 2 will just be creating the initial screens which are literally the frameworks and overall look. No functionality yet.
Phase 3 would be hooking up functionality.
Phase 4 would be hooking up 3rd party integrations and databases
Phase 5 would be final testing and bug fixes

Testing will also be occurring throughout the programming process.

There will be bi-monthly progress reports.

Both Apps will need the following:

Opening screen
registration screen
login screen
profile screens
log out ability
payment ability and screens
payment history
search interface and screens
news/announcements and updates screen
song preview screen
song editability as in being able to remove channels in the track
The ability to export the tracks to other apps.
Secure database to track purchases and store song data and all other app data.
Admin screens for app purchase history
Admin screens for adding new songs to the database
admin screens for adding announcements and updates
admin screens for blocking and editing accounts
Admin screens for removing songs from the database
Admin screens for updating and removing song catagories

Both apps will take approximately two months each or 8 weeks. The payment schedule would ba as follows:
Android initial deposit is $2,000. Four weeks later another $2,000 and four weeks later or when app is complete $2,000 dollars.
Four week break.
Apple initial deposit of $2,000. Four Weeks later another $2,000 and four weeks later or when app is complete $2,000 dollars.

There will be status updates and screens of progress every two weeks. Additional features and requests will increase the cost of the application.

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Android Application
1 iOS Application $6.000.00%$6.00
Sub Total $12.00
Tax $1.20
Total $13.20