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Quote Date March 20, 2018
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Total $1650.00
Pacific West Litho, Inc.

3291 E Miraloma Ave,
Anaheim, CA 92806

OFFICE 714.579.0868 x119


I thought I would send you a formal quote as I have the ability to do that now.  Once they agree to the time etc please just accept the quote.  Then I can send you the invoice.

Here are the rest of the notes I mentioned in the prior email:

This is estimated time.  It may take longer.
It is a fairly complex process as it is moving data from one database to another.  The data has to be converted in the correct order so it will come out correct in the WordPress database so the plugin can read it.  Plus every time, we have to determine if the data is already there or not.  If it is there the script has to determine if it needs to update it or not. If the record does not exist it has to make a new record. I also have to set it up so that if they delete a dealer it gets deleted from the search database too.  Plus I have to set up the script to check the other database at least once a day and compare it to the WordPress database.  There is a bunch of other stuff that the script has to do that  I am not mentioning.  This work may also help me be able to create the scripts to do the documents thing they want too or any other special thing they have yet to come up with. 





Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 1 week of research

Research on what scripts and plugins are needed to complete the job.

1 Two weeks creating the scripts to transfer the data over.

Another two weeks to actually create the scripts and set up and run test runs. Once I get a working test run then I just have to do one full run to make sure there are no errors or problems.

Sub Total $1500.00
Tax $150.00
Total $1650.00