We must react with LOVE.

I had planned on writing a post today about what I do and why, but when I woke up this morning and saw the news I knew I had to speak of LOVE. The Vegas Tragedy is just one of all too many tragic shootings that are becoming all too common in our lives. It troubles my heart, every time one happens.  I struggle with what can I do.  I do not have much to give to any cause.  Prayers and kind thoughts are nice but rather useless to the people who have lost their lives and the dear ones that have to live without them.

We can put more regulations on guns and gun controls, but that argument seems to be one that just keeps going round and round with no one willing to budge on either side.  The truth is no matter how much you regulate the guns a determined person will still manage to get them.  Most of the time the ones that do this are people you would never have suspected or thought would do it.  I know this because I knew someone who did brutally murder others.  Someone who was my friend.  The awful thing is the signs were there but I and my other friends missed them completely.

We as a people must be more diligent and more observant.  We need to look with our eyes and feel with our hearts.  Someone who does this feels isolated and unheard.  Generally, it starts out small and the more they are rejected and hurt the more they isolate themselves. The more they isolate themselves the more hurt and angry they become.  We as people need to find people who are hurting and feeling unheard.  We need to find them and listen to them.  Listen to them and do all we can to help them.  We also need to react with LOVE.  Love to the people who were lost.  Love to the people who knew the people lost.

We must also give love to the family and loved ones of the one who did this awful thing.  For they will suffer the most as they will have to live with the fact that they did not see the signs and get him the help he needed to prevent this awful tragedy.

Hug your friends and tell them you love them.   I send you my love today.

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