Invoice Number UnicornRose Administrative Support Invoice#209
Invoice Date October 5, 2021
Due Date October 5, 2021
Total Due $-0.01
Visionary Care Consultants
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1.33 Work on 09/03/2021

Setting up for Mentorship Modules and resources, attempting to get a zapier between CareTree and Mailchimp set up.

0.17 Work on 09/09/2021

Adding Tara to the website

0.5 Work on 09/16/2021

Adding the BBB seal to the website.

0.5 Work on 09/28/2021

updates and checking for mobile issues

1 Work on 09/30/2021

Adding the Blurb about the prices in key places. Adding Gale to the TN Section of the about us section.

0.083 Work on 10/01/2021

Adding image to Tennessee Section of Our Team

3.17 Work on 10/04/2021

Working on the Mentorship Modules, This includes getting updated images as needed, editing images to properly size them for the WPsite. Making adjustments as needed as things look different and behave differently on a WP site as compared to Wix.

2 Work on 10/05/2021

Finishing up the Modules

Sub Total $218.83
Tax $0.00
Paid -$218.83
Total Due $-0.01