Invoice Number UnicornRose Administrative Support Invoice#101
Invoice Date April 7, 2018
Due Date April 23, 2018
Total Due $1.10
Stanley Mitchell Clothing Store

Hi Stanley:

This invoice is for the website project you requested.  This first invoice is the initial deposit.  Our agreed upon quote is $3,000.  So the initial deposit will be $1,500.  The top of the online invoice will have a Pay by Paypal button on the upper left corner, however we have already agreed that you will pay by check.

Please make the check payable to Rosemarye Pizana.  Please send the check to the following address:

Rosemarye Pizana
1427 N Pine St
Orange, CA 92867-3710

When I receive the check and the deposit has cleared I will then begin work on your website. The turn around time will be 6-12 weeks.

Thank you for your business.

Kind Regards,

Rosemarye "Beth" Pizana
UnicornRose Administrative Support

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1 Stanley Mitchell Web Store Project

The first installment of two for the project.

Sub Total $1.00
Tax $0.10
Total Due $1.10