Invoice Number UnicornRose Administrative Support Invoice#113
Invoice Date September 15, 2018
Due Date September 17, 2018
Total Due $18.90
Kass Rose
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
3 Work on 07/25/2018

Sifting through 7 months almost 8 months of emails regarding Rent My Way to create a timeline and comprehensive list of what was needed to be updated or was broken for the potential CTO.

2 Work on 08/08/2018

Brivity leads and updating July lead counts on the spreadsheet.

1 Work on 08/09/2018

Updates to the RentMyWay Word Press site and updates to the Kass Rose testimonials.

1 Work on 08/14/2018

brivity leads, images on KR testimonials, form for Crashpad leads, optimizing pdf filter and survival kit

1 Work on 08/22/2018

brivity leads, filter pdf optimizing, upload filter pdf, set up mc with filter email, blog post

1 Work on 08/30/2018

removing ned and tyler, other My Way Tribe optimizations

1.5 Work on 09/14/2018

brivity leads, some of the lead counts August(waiting for access to email to finish up)

Sub Total $189.00
Tax $18.90
Paid -$189.00
Total Due $18.90