Invoice Number UnicornRose Administrative Support Invoice#135
Invoice Date July 23, 2019
Due Date July 23, 2019
Total Due $191.47
RentLucky Property Management
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
0.5 Work on 06/24/2019

updating the rental page and removing the reviews page.

0.5 Work on 06/25/2019

adding patrick to the owner details page, writing down counts for the unbounce leads for the last 5 months

1 Work on 06/27/2019

Finish lead counts and gathering data

1.5 Work on 06/28/2019

Back up and clean up files on FTP, download list

1.5 Work on 07/08/2019

Fix front page listings. Edit Kass everywhere, mailchimp statistics

1.5 Work on 07/15/2019

Adding Patrick to the site

1.5 Work on 07/17/2019

editing and updating Patrick's image, spacing adjustments for two line titles, updating the dns for mywaytribe

0.17 Work on 07/19/2019

screening criteria tile on renters page

1.5 Work on 07/22/2019

fix moving out mindfulness pdf, update mailchimp email, update move out mindfulness pdf download, update the move out tab on the rent page , update the move out email.

Sub Total $174.06
Tax $17.41
Total Due $191.47