Invoice Number UnicornRose Administrative Support Invoice#104
Invoice Date May 4, 2018
Due Date May 6, 2018
Total Due $22.35
Kass Rose

Good Day Kass and Ned:

Trying something a little different this time to itemize the items.  Let me know if you like it.  As per our discussion Kass, the Rate has been increased.

Kind Regards,


Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
0.167 My Way Tribe Work 04/13/2018

Adding lead to Brivity

2 My Way Tribe Work 04/17/2018

fix pop up on KR, create the prettier free chapter email and welcome, test welcome,update and readd the pop up bar on the bottom of he site.

4 My Way Tribe Work 04/13/2018

Testing all links, adding rebranded checklist, Updating the RRCL unbounce page, check MC to make sure any RRCL links are correct, creating a new RRCL template for the Prospective owner list, updating various things on MWT, begin removing Stephanie McKim

1 My Way Tribe Work 04/23/2018

Finish removing Stephanie McKim, fix the mobile, fixing rent ready checklist

0.5 My Way Tribe Work 04/24/2018

Backing up RentMyWay WP Site, adding Ned's Review.

2 My Way Tribe Work 04/25/2018

Brivity Leads

1.25 My Way Tribe Work 04/26/2018

creating a new way for steph to send the application process.

1.5 My Way Tribe Work 04/27/2018

Tweaking and adjustments to how to apply email, brivity leads

Sub Total $223.51
Tax $22.35
Paid -$223.51
Total Due $22.35