Invoice Number UnicornRose Administrative Support Invoice#125
Invoice Date February 1, 2019
Due Date February 3, 2019
Total Due $17.37
Kass Rose
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
.5 Work on 09/19/2018

finishing up the August lead counts

1 Work on 09/22/2018

fixing book things on KR, update plugins, fixing stripe,

.66 Work on 10/3/2018

KR adjustments to the front page, about page, speaking page, and contact page

.33 Work on 10/10/2018

sending out Puget Sound MC

0.5 Work on 10/23/2018

minor fixes on the KR site

0.33 Work on 10/25/2018

optimizing 5 things to do when changing the clock and uploading it to downloads folder and adding the link to MC

1 Work on 10/27/2018

fixing the copy for signed books on KR

1.25 Work on 11/28/2018

Foreign Investors page (Research top picture, created side bar picture, begin rewriting content., begin developing page)

0.25 Work on 11/31/2018

Continue developing Foreign Investors page and rewriting content

1.5 Work on 12/04/2018

continuing the foreign owners project.. finishing up the rewrite and coding of the page.

1 Work on 12/11/2018

Installing old front facing RMW site to

0.33 Work on 01/05/2019

move out mindfullness dowload, update unbounce, update mailchimp

1 Work on 01/31/2019

fix typo on foreign investors page, edit. remove rental resume tile from renters page, fix the menu on pet screening page, fix Rent services page on tell us your story as well as tips and tricks. Fix the spacing on the final slide for moving out

Sub Total $173.70
Tax $17.37
Paid -$173.70
Total Due $17.37