Invoice Number UnicornRose Administrative Support Invoice#172
Invoice Date July 24, 2020
Due Date July 24, 2020
Total Due $286.98
Modern Day Sniper

Paypal is being stupid when you pay this please make sure that its marked as services not Goods.

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
0.167 Work on 06/01/2020

Reschedule Gerald

1.117 Work on 06/03/2020

Moving Travis Parks to August Technical Rifle Hunter Course, Moving Leon To August Wind Reading Seminar, set up one week post email, setting up the PR201 60 day email to go out tomorrow.

0.5 Work on 06/09/2020

Determining why PR101 July registration was a 404 error. Turns out someone deleted the registration page. Checked all the other links. Updated the accounting spreadsheet.

0.5 Work on 06/10/2020

Rescheduling and moving John Little around.

0.83 Work on 06/11/2020

setting up and sending the Wind Reading Seminar 60 day out email. getting ken stout situated. Making sure John was sent the registration emails for July Positional Shooting Seminar and the Wind Reading Seminar, Making sure David Crow's invoice was all situated.

0.65 Work on 06/13/2020

Advanced LE 30 day hybrid email.

0.57 Work on 06/15/2020

integrating new buy page, note purchases, and current credits.

1.783 Work on 06/16/2020

updating the calendar images, getting bill situated. Getting Christopher set, updating the copy.

0.783 Work on 06/17/2020

add kajabi opt-in on the bottom

1.43 Work on 06/18/2020

Creating one big spreadsheet with all the students, updating the accounting spreadsheet

0.27 Work on 06/22/2020

Updating the student lists.

0.417 Work on 07/06/2020

adding the forms and updates.

1 Work on 07/14/2020

updating student lists and emailing current July Wind reading seminar students the meeting information. emailing August Wind reading students cancellation notice and offer to move to July Course.

1.25 Work on 07/17/2020

Letting students know courses are canceled and refunds are on the way. Marking courses cancelled on the website and refunding the students that purchased on the MDS website.

0.5 Work on 07/20/2020

updating student lists, sending updates to kass and caylen. installing the updated SSL certificate.

0.83 Work on 07/21/2020

Refunding Credits

1.73 Work on 07/22/2020

Finishing up the Credit Refunds

0.167 Work on 07/23/2020

Refunding Ken Smith

Sub Total $260.89
Tax $26.09
Total Due $286.98