Invoice Number UnicornRose Administrative Support Invoice#156
Invoice Date January 31, 2020
Due Date January 31, 2020
Total Due $34.48
Modern Day Sniper
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
0.166 Work on 12/18/2019

making the logo smaller on the emails.
Make the background white.

0.25 Work on 12/27/2019

Setting up and sending out Remaining Balance invoices.

0.33 Work on 01/14/2020

Adding the new stripe and setting up tickets.

0.166 Work on 01/15/2020

BackCountry Hunter Stripe update.

0.5 Work on 01/16/2020

More Stripe set up

3.5 Work on 01/17/2020

Back Country Courses forms,
Add buttons to landing page
Removing me from forms
Backcountry reg email
Rebranding the body weight training program pdf

4.5 Work on 01/18/2020

Mentorship Payment form
Removing Circle of components from site and from class roster
Beginning the work to add Pigg River Precision classes to roster
Creating the forms, the pages and the calendar pages
Creating the registration emails and hooking it all up,
Beginning the work on the 60-30-1 week out- 1 week post emails for the PR101 March course and Positional Shooting Seminar in March.
I set up the top images for both emails but I have only completed the template for the 60 day out email.

1.25 Work on 01/19/2020

Making the BackCountry page live. getting the reg email set up and adding the dates to the calendar and linking them to the new page.

0.33 Work on 01/20/2020

Making adjustments to spacing and such on 60 Day out email.

0.833 Work on 01/21/2020

Completing adding Pigg River Courses to website and calendar.
Setting up the March PR101 and Positional Shooting Courses 60 Day out emails to go out later in the week.

0.5 Work on 01/22/2020

Getting Jeff Bumgardner situated for PR101 March

2.5 Work on 01/27/2020

Troubleshooting why the current plugin for the Backcountry Course is not working, finding a new one and setting it up as well as installing it on the landing page, styling the buttons to make them look good. Sending out support emails as requested.

4 Work on 01/28/2020

Creating the Advanced LE Course registration email and setting up the registration process. Writing the documentation on how to create a course.

Completed Immokalee Fl Advanced LE Course.

Updating the forms to reflect Changes that Riza suggested.(just the Advanced LE forms and the Mentorship form for now)

Billings MT Advanced LE course added.

0.33 Work on 01/30/2020

Creating and sending out the remaining balance invoice for Roland.

Sub Total $344.79
Tax $34.48
Paid -$344.79
Total Due $34.48