Invoice Number UnicornRose Administrative Support Invoice#163
Invoice Date April 1, 2020
Due Date April 1, 2020
Total Due $12.76
Modern Day Sniper
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
2.25 Work on 03/16/2020

ANNOUNCEMENT, One week out emails, Two june BCHC short pages. edits on the short page.

0.75 Work on 03/17/2020

Moving jeff and updating coronavirus newsletter

1.25 Work on 03/18/2020

COVID-19 newsletter, moving students around for reschedule

0.75 Work on 03/20/2020

Cancellations, updating rounds, fixing BCHC gear list there was a missing R in Rifle., adding rounds to 60-30 day out email templates

0.17 Work on 03/21/2020

Get Larry situated

0.5 Work on 03/22/2020

Cancellation email for Positional Shooting Seminar moves March PR 101 and Positional Shooting Seminar Students to the credit list for later reschedule.

0.17 Work on 03/23/2020

forwarding all MDS misspellings domains, writing Don

0.75 Work on 03/24/2020

update postponements, update the mentorship program participants, update the accounting spreadsheet. Making sure Sam is situated.

0.5 Work on 03/26/2020

Getting Tony Situated, updating the accounting spreadsheet accordingly, send a quick email to Ray

Sub Total $127.62
Tax $12.76
Paid -$127.62
Total Due $12.76