Invoice Number UnicornRose Administrative Support Invoice#128
Invoice Date May 28, 2019
Due Date May 30, 2019
Total Due $40.00
Ken Le

Dear Ken:

This is the first installment of the membership site.  Here is the approximate schedule and cost:

First 4 weeks and due date:  June 24, 2019

  • Back-End Coding
  • Database set up
  • Initial website set up
  • Installment #2 is due as long as all the above are complete in time

Second 5 weeks and Due Date: July 29, 2019 (There is an extra week due to me having a week long project and I wont be able to work on your site as much that week)

  • Continuing database work
  • Designing  front end website
  • Designing Administrative back end
  • Installment 3 is due on this due date as long as everything is done in time.

If needed 4 to 8 additional weeks: Mid August to Beginning of October Due Date

This is only added if the prior areas take more time and if you go outside of the original scope of our agreement.  Our current agreement is $1,200 for the whole project.  If the project turns out to be more complex than priorly discussed or if you want to add more features outside of our prior scope discussed that price will increase.  If it is well beyond the scope then we will have to discuss a new project for that feature.

Kind Regards,

Rosemarye "Beth" Pizana

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Membership Site Deposit

Installment #1 of the Membership site.

Sub Total $400.00
Tax $40.00
Paid -$400.00
Total Due $40.00