Invoice Number UnicornRose Administrative Support Invoice#151
Invoice Date December 17, 2019
Due Date December 17, 2019
Total Due $19.35
Modern Day Sniper
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
3 Work on 12/11/2019

editing and fixing automation forms and updating automation.

3 Work on 12/12/2019

creating class groups to segment in Mailchimp. Setting up so those groups are assigned after the registration email is sent out. Back up the site, Upgrade the event calendar, hook up the links to the new forms. Update the forms to send to caylen and sales. make sure the invoices are bcced to Beth and the paid invoices are sent to kass and caylen. Adding current enrollees to the google sheet.

2 Work on 12/13/2019

Creating the duel BackCountry Hunter Page, creating a subdomain to highlight both companies, do some updates the automatic blog email.

0.5 Work on 12/14/2019

Troubleshoot and help Leon get the invoice. Turns out only one email can be used to notify when invoices get sent out and paid. So I used

2.25 Work on 12/16/2019

Making the new GOTWA fillable, uploading it, uploading new BackCountry Equipment list, creating the equipment list page, updating all the automated emails to have a link to the Yamika local information. Finish up the tiles for the Automated blog update and install them. creating a spreadsheet of all pdf urls

Sub Total $193.50
Tax $19.35
Paid -$193.50
Total Due $19.35