Invoice Number UnicornRose Administrative Support Invoice#145
Invoice Date October 30, 2019
Due Date October 30, 2019
Total Due $77.04
Modern Day Sniper
Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
7.5 Work on 10/22/2019

Add the Rifle Policy to Website, Edit images as needed for various pages, Reskin the contact us page, work on the front page which includes, creating sections, editing images and making adjustments. This was the first version of the page that Riza created.

3.5 Work on 10/23/2019

Continue work on FrontPage, finish up the Mentorship page, update the precision rifle copy, edit images as needed for various parts of the website.

3.8 Work on 10/24/2019

Fixes to the Front Page, optimizing images, working on the onboarding process.

1.5 Work on 10/25/2019

Work on the onboarding process

4 Work on 10/26/2019

upload and link up the mentorship equipment list, fix the mentorship form, update the front page, added wordfence security to the site.

8.5 Work on 08/27/2019

Fixing the Calendar. Adding a new call to action on the calendar page. Weirdness happening with mouseover was also happening on blog roll page, clean up of front page on mobile, creating a testimonial slider, updating the course tiles on the front page. finishing updating titles

5 Work on 10/28/2019

update the services page, fixing text on reaching out training calendar, updating and editing over all H1-h6 standard sizes, uploading PRC101 Equipment List, updating the PRC101 page., updated the sizes for H1-H6 so there were adjustments related to that, Adjustments for mobile, adjustments Riza requested as I was working.

9 Work on 10/29/2019

services page, editing and resizing images as needed, adjusting and creating all sections, adding photo credits to front page for Luke, editing the testimonials slider, creating new About Page, adding photo credits to all new pages, editing the text for the calendar classes so they stand out better and fix the letter spacing issue. Removing credits and add the credit on the bottom, create the Precision Rifle landing page, which includes editing and optimizing images and making adjustments.

Sub Total $770.40
Tax $77.04
Paid -$770.40
Total Due $77.04