Invoice Number UnicornRose Administrative Support Invoice#142
Invoice Date October 19, 2019
Due Date October 19, 2019
Total Due $33.51
Modern Day Sniper

I am still waiting on Riza for the next phase of re-design. She is pretty busy. My availability is going to be a bit more limited in the next two weeks, I will only be available October 22, 24, 31, and November 1. So far November looks wide open but I anticipate some Demos.

However, I have done some work to get ready for more of the redesign work. Also, there were still some technical fixes that needed to be done due to moving Kalinski to MDS. So that is what this invoice is about.

So remember the initial creation of the pages does take time but once we have one template for the classes it will be easy to copy and paste information and make a few small adjustments and its done.

The receipt for the font is here:

Thank you for your patience with Riza and I as we redesign your site. :)

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
2 Work on 10/10/2019

Making some fixes and starting the Mentorship page update.

5.67 Work on 10/11/2019

Creating the new Mentorship Program page, adjustments

1 Work on 10/14/2019

Adding plugins and setting them up. updating mailchimp to reflect Modern Day Sniper change

3.5 Work on 10/15/2019

The redirect for to was causing a this is not safe browser error. So a free three month SSL certificate was acquired. Forwarding was removed. It was installed onto, and then forwarding was resumed. The forwarding was still creating the same, not safe browser error. An alternate redirect method was tried that also created the redirect error. Forwarding was removed once again. A redirect plugin was installed onto The plugin was set to forward to The not safe browser error no longer applies. In the process, it was discovered the forms are broken on Forms have been repaired and are functioning as intended. Fixes were made to the wording on the About page and the new Mentorship page. The Neue Einstellung font was purchased, and the web font kit created. A Privacy Policy was also created.

2 Work on 10/16/2019

Adding the Neue Einstellung font to the website. Cleaning up CSS and adding notes, add a reference guide for the font to the backend dashboard. Updating over all fonts to Neue Einstellung

3 Work on 10/18/2019

reskinning the calendar app, made the general background the #e5e3d9 and made adjustments accordingly. Updated the general form to reflect the page the person is on when they send the form. Also removed the top title on blog pages as the title is under the main image and it looks a little weird. Improves the flow of the posts.

1 Reimbursement for the Purchase of the Neue Einstellung Font

Purchased from on 10/15/2019.

Sub Total $335.06
Tax $33.51
Paid -$335.06
Total Due $33.51