Invoice Number UnicornRose Administrative Support Invoice#141
Invoice Date October 9, 2019
Due Date October 9, 2019
Total Due $18.61
Modern Day Sniper

Hi Caylen

Here is the work I have done in the last two weeks.  There is some more I will be starting on Friday.  Also if you have feedback and I will be adding that whenever you and Kass give me that.  Thank you for all the work.  I have been enjoying working on your site.  :)

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
5.17 Work on 10/04/2019

moving tiles around, updating logo and colors. backing up the site and updating plugins etc

5.17 Work on 10/07/2019

Moving files and pointing the site to moderndaysniper. Updating the database. add favicon, rekey ssl certificate, finish updating site. Edit the front page, edit the services page, create the military and law enforcement sniper courses page, edit the precision rifle courses page and update the pages connected to those pages.

Sub Total $186.12
Tax $18.61
Paid -$186.12
Total Due $18.61