Invoice Number UnicornRose Administrative Support Invoice#178
Invoice Date September 18, 2020
Due Date September 18, 2020
Total Due $352.28
BCI Properties

Here is the list of changes and improvements I made before I got the list from Naomi and Tanisha.  Not listed here is their list.  If you need that list please email me after you see the invoice.  Please keep in mind there are more improvements I plan on making.

Front Page improvements:

Larger font over all.
Rewording the first paragraphs slightly.
Adding Left and right margins to the top section so the text is not running into the edge of the screens on mobile.
Removed the Small Welcome to in the Welcome section and made it one title the same size. Took out the italics on the header titles.
Improved the spacing on the paragraphs.
Left the small Owner and Investor text but added spacing so they were not right up against Testimonials headers.
Added margins around the testimonials so when they slide you can actually see that their is a new testimonial rather than text all mashed together. Also increased the text size slightly.
Added padding to the bottom of the Our Services footer so the Best of Home Guide 2019 is not landing in the green footer on mobile.

Black header changes
changed the teal hover to the BCI blue

Green footer
Lighter blue than the bci blue for hovers and the lighter blue for the Copyright BCI Properties.  Also bolded BCI Properties.  The red was unreadable on the green.

Whole website
Increased the text throughout.

About page
Fixed the weird lists and spacing.

Meet the Staff Page
Fixed the spacing on the contact info.  Adjusted the emails and phone numbers to make them all the same format.
Took out the equal signs divider and put a line instead.

Individual Staff Pages
Cleaned up spacing and linked emails.

Contact Us Page
Link up email.  Format all the phone numbers the same.  Took out all the / and replaced them with - because its cleaner.

Removed invalid links and the owner program.  Removed the duplicate fee chart page. Moved the Do Property Managers Mark up invoices page to the steps section.

Do Property Owners Mark up Invoices page
Cleaned up misspellings and grammar issues.  Improved spacing over all.  Updated the first image and made it bigger as well as added a new image further down the page. Updated the link to the Fee chart.  Also added a link to go to the contact us page if they want to learn more about the mark ups.  Took out all the equal signs on the bottom.

Fees Chart page
Converted the Fees chart to a png.  Added it to the fees chart page.

Job board page
changed the picture and made it bigger improved the spacing and improved the wording as needed. Bolded BCI Propeties, LLC and updated the phone number to reflect the same format as the rest of the website.

Owner Investor steps/Property Management Page
Added pictures through out.  Cleaned up misspellings and punctuation and grammer things. Cleaned up links that no longer work.

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
0.33 Work on 08/12/2020

Back up of the site and updating plugins and the WordPress Core

1.17 Work on 08/19/2020

Making improvements throughout the site.

0.58 Work on 08/20/2020

Making improvements throughout the site.

1.05 Work on 08/21/2020

Making improvements throughout the site.

3 Work on 09/01/2020

Fee chart update, updates on the job board page, update on the owner investor steps property management page, updates to the Do property managers mark up invoices page, updates to the menu

2.27 Work on 09/03/2020

Recreating spring tenant newsletter, Fall Clean Up Guide(You still need to approve them before I add them to the site.)

0.33 Work on 09/15/2020

Working through Tanisha and Naomi's list

2 Work on 09/16/2020

Working through Tanisha and Naomi's list

0.5 Work on 09/17/2020

Reviewing GSuite and moving the domain over from Lynn's Godaddy account (

1.58 Work on 09/18/2020

Working through Tanisha and Naomi's list and updating the GSuite. Also making some other minor changes on the website.

Sub Total $320.25
Tax $32.03
Total Due $352.28