I am a woman who codes, a ceramic artist, an actress, someone with bi-polar, someone who lives with essential tremor, a hugaholic, a bit eccentric, and a bit eclectic.


I also am a firm believer in you reap what you sow.  If you give negativity, you will receive negativity.  My life has been a difficult and sometimes painful lesson in this.  I have learned to give and surround myself with positivity, and I finally see the harvest of those endeavors.


My primary mission in life is to help as many people as I can in any capacity that I am capable.  That can be something as simple as holding a door for someone, or as complex as helping someone grow their business to greater heights.  Because I hope to touch lives, sometimes I do things that people would not normally do.  If I see a stranger that looks amazing, nice, beautiful, handsome or otherwise stands out, I tell them.  Why?  Because people need to know that they are making an impression.  Even if that person forgets what I said I only hope for that moment I brightened their day.


My dream is to make such an impact on the World that I facilitate positive change even if no one knows I was the facilitator.  It is my hope that when I leave the world that I will be remembered for my positive light that I shined toward each person who came into my life. I also hope that my small gift that I share with another will continue to be shared so that we create sparks across the world of positivity and kindness. I am realistic and know that I will never please everyone all the time.  However, I will do my best to be the person I am meant to be.


One of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself is accepting yourself in all your perfect imperfections.  We all have things we have difficulty accepting about ourselves no matter how self-aware you are the negative self-talk happens sometimes.  Even though I work hard to continue to understand myself and be more aware of my inner dialog I still have good days and bad.  I mess up and make mistakes.  I do my best to learn my lessons, however some lessons have to be learned more than once.


Recently I have been working even harder to become even more authentic in my life so I have been exploring meditation and Yoga to help me explore myself and any past traumas that I have not fully been able to heal from. Its hard work and this is just another tool I am adding to my tool chest.


I love zombies and zombie shows.  My most favorite is The Walking Dead.  I also love Hello Kitty, Sailor Moon, Dr. Who, Star Trek, Star Wars and almost anything science fiction.  I also adore disaster movies.  No idea why I just do.


Personal interests are coding, space, biology. geology and how things work.  I am particularly fascinated by earthquakes.


There is more, so feel free to ask me.